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 American Patriots United is a movement of American people uniting together during this time of uncertainty in our nation. Against terrorism, hate groups, and mostly our own corrupt government. We believe in the protection and preservation of American culture as well as upholding our Constitution and the rights and freedoms named in our Constitution and The Bill of Rights. We support our Military members and our veterans, law enforcement, and our local communities. We are in pursuit of truth and justice for the sake and safety of our great nation as well as uniting other organizations and providing a recruitment platform for established organizations. Together we can provide support and knowledge for our local members, and we welcome all true patriots regardless of race, political preference, sexual orientation, gender, and religious views. If this is something you are passionate about, and you would like to try to make a difference in your community and all across the country- Join the movement! Invite all like minded people that you know and help unite our fellow Patriots!
"United we stand"
*Discrimination, racism, hate speech, sexual harassment, religious propaganda,  threats, and any type of compensation or financial transactions in the name of the APU will not be tolerated! We are all adults, we will conduct ourselves in such a manner or it will jeopardize your membership. We are coming together to unite, not fight!